Developing a Management Roadmap for the Next Administration


Developing a Management Roadmap for the Next Administration

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 - 14:08
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Earlier this year, the IBM Center for The Business of Government commenced a year-long initiative with the Partnership for Public Service to frame key management issues and opportunities for the next presidency.

This process—which involves current and former senior government officials from administrations of both parties, as well as leading experts from academia and the business and nonprofit communities—is one part of a multi-pronged Ready to Govern (#Ready2Govern) initiative, in which the Partnership seeks to improve the transfer of power and knowledge between administrations. The effort includes an education component for transition teams around four sets of activities:

  • improving the transition process,
  • congressional support for efficient appointments in a new administration,
  • preparing appointees to succeed in their new roles, and
  • the creation of a “Management Roadmap,” a set of findings and recommendations to help the next president develop an agenda for driving sustained improvement in government’s capacity and effectiveness.

The IBM Center is pleased to collaborate with the Partnership to help the next administration get off to a strong start, and build sustained management excellence thereafter. We are grateful for the many distinguished thought leaders who are contributing their time and insights to this initiative, which consists of four roundtable discussions. Each roundtable addresses a critical impetus for immediate and sustained management strategies that support the achievement of the president’s mission and policy goals. The IBM Center’s website has information about the roadmap.

During the last several presidential elections, the Center has brought together innovative thinkers and an esteemed group of authors to help draw out and identify important areas that the incoming administration should take seriously. In addition, the Center’s updated overview of how a new leader in Washington can succeed, “Getting It Done,” is now a staple in the Partnership’s onboarding education for many new political appointees.

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