From the Managing Editor’s Desk


From the Managing Editor’s Desk

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 - 15:25
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As with each edition, this issue of The Business of Government magazine has as its focus the core mission of the Center—connecting research to practice as a means to improve public management.

We do this by bringing together insights and perspectives, blended with an equal measure of practicality and reflection, from an array of government leaders,
public managers, thinkers, practitioners, and academics. In an era of fiscal contraction, today’s leaders face unique challenges that present many difficult choices. It is a period that, while imposing many constraints, simultaneously confers as many opportunities. These are opportunities to make a difference, introduce new ways of managing, explore pragmatic approaches, and pursue management imperatives that help government leaders perform in ever-challenging, complex environments. We hope that each feature contributes in some way to advancing best practices, clarifying core public management issues, and whenever possible, presenting strategies marked by clarity and practical utility.

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