A New Road to Innovation: The U.S. Government Takes Major Strides Forward


A New Road to Innovation: The U.S. Government Takes Major Strides Forward

Monday, April 13th, 2015 - 14:58
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Over the past year, the Obama Administration has introduced or enhanced a number of initiatives that bring innovators, new ideas, and process improvement to technology, acquisition, and program operations.

These efforts are increasing federal employees’ ability to introduce commercial best practice into how the government operates. These initiatives also help government to move more quickly from concept development to implementation, often by leveraging “agile” methodologies that build capability incrementally by expanding what works and learning from mistakes along the way.

Key to these initiatives’ sustainable success will be to create pathways to spread their methods to other agencies and their stakeholders, including beneficiaries, state and local partners, nonprofits, and industry. The IBM Center recently released several reports that recommend ways to make innovation integral to agencies’ long-term success. Focusing on longterm viability and continuous improvement can help translate recent innovation-based gains into an enduring pathway toward government transformation.

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