Monday, July 13, 2015
The IBM Center for The Business of Government released our latest report today, Tools to Innovate: Data Analytics, Risk Management, and Shared Services.

Today, governments have access to a variety of tools to successfully implement agency programs. For example, Data Analytics—especially of financial data—can be used to better inform decision making by ensuring agencies have the information they need at the point of time that it can be most effective. In addition, governments at all levels can more effectively address risks using new Risk Management approaches. And finally, Shared Services can not only save money, but also stimulate innovation, improve decisionmaking, and increase the quality of services expected by citizens. This report, released in conjunction with the Association of Government Accountants’ Annual Professional Development Training event being held in Nashville, TN, highlights a number of Center reports and related materials, including: From Data to Decisions to Action—The Evolving Use of Data and Analytics in Government, edited by Michael J. Keegan The DATA Act Moves Forward, by Daniel Chenok Improving Government Decision Making through Enterprise Risk Management, by Douglas W. Webster, George Washington University and Thomas H. Stanton, Johns Hopkins University Risk Management for Grants Administration: A Case Study of the Department of Education, by Young Hoon Kwak, George Washington University and Julia B. Keleher, Keleher & Associates, LLC A County Manager’s Guide to Shared Services in Local Government, by Eric Zeemering, Northern Illinois University and Daryl Delabbio, Kent County, Michigan These reports from the IBM Center bring key findings on these topics together in this compilation. We welcome your thoughts on these issues, and look forward to a continued dialogue with government leaders and stakeholders on actions to help agencies achieve their mission effectively and efficiently.

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