Drivers transforming government: Engagement

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 - 12:27
Note:  The IBM Center recently released Seven Drivers Transforming Government, a series of essays exploring key drivers of change in government.

Performance Partnership Pilots: Increasing Program Flexibility to Improve Outcomes

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 - 10:44
As part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2014, Congress authorized a limited number of local projects targeted to assisting disconnected youth. The Performance Partnership Pilots program currently involves participation from seven different federal departments or agencies and is administered by the Department of Education.

Weekly Roundup: April 1 - 14, 2015

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 - 15:35
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 15:35
GAO Releases New Reports on Duplication, Overlap of Government Programs.  GAO testified on its annual assessment of federal program fragmentation, duplication and overlap.  In addition to providing details on 66 new areas where it found fragmentation, etc., it also released an evaluation and management guide to help Congress and others to conduct similar assessments.

Federal Ideation Programs: Challenges and Best Practices

Thursday, October 31st, 2013 - 14:30
Ideation platforms are modern tools predicated on an old adage, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” Though that proverb has been widely accepted, collecting and synthesizing the knowledge of “all of us” into actionable next steps has been a daunting task. The rewards for doing so, however, are potentially very high, especially for large organizations in both the private and public sector.

Federal Government Reform Resources: GAO’s List

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 - 12:37
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 11:28
Three years ago, GAO was required by law to annually publish a report detailing duplicative, overlapping, and fragmented federal programs.  It will be issuing its third report in early 2013. But it is preparing its list now for potential government reorganizers.

Michael C. Kane

Thursday, March 1st, 2012 - 12:45
Michael Kane is responsible for strategically aligning the agency's workforce to its missions through effective management of human capital policies and programs.
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Mon, 03/05/2012
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Michael C. Kane

Promises, Promises

Monday, February 6th, 2012 - 10:52
The world is full of ideas for government that brim over with potential – at least according to their supporters. Relatively few of these actually see the light of day. Sometimes there’s not enough money; sometimes political opposition stops them in their tracks; sometimes they simply lack a champion with sufficient power to see them through to fruition.