Weekly Roundup: January 16-20, 2017


The IBM Center's Weekly Roundup highlights articles and insights that we found interesting for the week ending January 20, 2017.

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Dr. Karen Guice
Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs
Department of Defense

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Making Open Innovation Ecosystems Work: Case Studies in Healthcare
In recent years, government agencies have been faced with the following challenge: finding innovative approaches to deliver technological solutions to agency...

On the blog

Treating the Invisible Wounds of War
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 10:01
Combat-related concussions, depression, and combat stress are examples of immediate or delayed invisible wounds for...
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What is shared services and its benefits? How does HHS’s Program Support Center manage the business of government? How is PSC using technology to streamline operations, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs? Join host Michael Keegan and he explores these questions and so much more with Paul Bartley, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Program Support at U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and director of its Program Support Center.
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Every day, all across the United States, the nation’s health and human service agencies touch millions of lives.
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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, HHS, sits atop a vast array of data information and expertise that, if leveraged properly and applied innovatively, could transform health and health care delivery within this country.
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The U.S. Department of the Navy’s Bureau of Medicine and Surgery has a long and cherished tradition of serving and safeguarding the health of its service members and their families.
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Vice Admiral Nathan is the 37th surgeon general of the Navy and chief of the Navy's Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.
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Advances in biomedical research seek to enhance health and length of life and reduce the burdens of illness and disability. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) plays a central role in making this happen.
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Levin's primary role is to lead Veteran health and benefit service innovations.
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Dr. Collins oversees the work of the largest supporter of biomedical research in the world, spanning the spectrum from basic to clinical research.
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Thank you for viewing our blog over the past two years. Join the health care reform conversation on our new platform at the University of Maryland!
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Analysis recommends limiting number of choices.
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