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We highlight many key findings and recommendations that can assist government leaders in understanding how best to leverage and scale past successes to benefit citizens and taxpayers today and in the future.

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Ronald Layton
Deputy Chief Information Officer
U.S. Secret Service

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Insights from Dr. Phyllis Schneck, Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications, National Protection and Programs Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Enhancing Cybersecurity in a World of Real- Time Threats: Insights from Dr. Phyllis Schneck, Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications,...

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Creating IT Start-Ups in Government
Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 09:13
The Administration wants to infuse private sector tech and know-how into government operations. It has created two...
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This report explores the benefits, detriments, and legal issues of Internet voting. The study empirically examines the first U.S. poltical election to include internet voting (the Arizona Democratic presidential primary, March 2000). Technology and E...
825 recommendations
This report investigates how state governments can add value to their web portals by including relevant content and services, and by strategically positioning their websites. The study characterizes state government portals and investigates current and...
611 recommendations
The use of decision support tools by citizens and community leaders to make better decisions holds tremendous promise as the next area of E-government technology. This research project identifies these opportunities, examines existing attempts to use...
844 recommendations
This report seeks to fill the gap that exists in understanding the technology readiness of the government workforce and the impact on leveraging wireless technology for e-government applications. Technology and E-Government...
750 recommendations
This report uncovers ideas and practices in government-to-employee web-based communication. It investigates and analyzes the visions of online collaboration that are emerging in federal agencies and the web-based government-to-employee practices that are...
752 recommendations
This report focuses on seeking out examples of information technology applications that advance the practice of diplomacy. Best practices in government agencies, international organizations and foreign ministries of other countries are highlighted. Technology...
741 recommendations
This report determines critical challenges facing state employment agencies with regard to their use of communications and information technologies and identifies current best practices that address these challenges. When information and communications...
745 recommendations
This report examines the use of e-commerce and the Internet in government service delivery and communications. A national study was conducted that included a content analysis of the best federal, state, and local websites. The study describes and compares...
666 recommendations
This report examines electronic commerce and other World Wide Web technologies currently available in the private and public sector. The study provides insights into how government can enhance its delivery of services online. The report aims to spark...
1,006 recommendations
This report provides a framework for understanding the implications of privacy and security in the public domain, the challenges of increasing use of the Internet to deliver government services and information, and the connections and lessons that can...
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