Does Citizen Participation Work?

A new report, “A Manager’s Guide to Evaluating Citizen Participation,” by Tina Nabatchi, an assistant professor at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, is designed to help answer these questions.

Dr. Nabatchi says “Two types of evaluation are relevant for assessing citizen participation:”

Engaging Citizens vs. Streamlining Bureaucracy

Forty years ago, Congress passed a law to make government agencies more accountable and transparent in how they sought advice from industry and the public. It was called the Federal Advisory Committee Act. But over the years, the way the law was implemented led to less citizen involvement and reluctance by agencies from seeking advice.

Engaging Citizens vs. Streamlining Bureaucracy

ed led to less citizen involvement and reluctance by agencies from seeking advice.

The Next Phase of Open Government: An Opportunity for Innovative Leaders

Recent activity from the President and agencies has brought renewed attention to the issue – providing an opportunity that Federal leaders can use to help improve program operations.


The Administration’s Open Government Initiative has led to much progress over the past two years, yet more work remains to be done to further the cause of transparency.  

Is Open Government Dead?

In recent weeks, the main stream media has questioned whether the Obama administration’s Open Government initiative has lost its steam. But is it really dead?

OMB Unveils Its Performance.Gov Website

The Bush Administration had its Results.Gov scorecard. The Obama Administration now has unveiled its Performance.Gov dashboard. Is a dashboard better than a scorecard?

Web-Enabled Coordination

How can organizations reach beyond their traditional smokestacks and silos? Coordination mechanisms have existed for years, notes Naval Postgraduate School author Nancy Roberts, but they haven’t been used. But the availability of new web-based tools and the pressures from cost cuts, the war on terror, and emergency management may have created a new environment for action.

Understanding the Many Communities within Open Government

Open Government advocates may fall into one or more of the following sub-communities: Transparency, Innovation, Engagement, Media.

The Digital de Tocqueville

he saw. Similarly, Beth Simone Noveck, in her new book, Smart Citizens, Smarter State also shares a vision of the future of government – a vision she and her colleagues build upon a the Governance Lab at New York University in a series of practical case studies. In a recent presentation, she observed that governing well in the next President’s administration is going to depend upon treating the public and the civil service as skilled partners in problem solving. De Tocqueville wrote that in the United States of the 1830s, “. . .

Think Globally, Act Locally: Implications of the International Cyberspace Strategy for Federal Leaders and Managers

On Monday, at an event with the Secretaries of State, Commerce, Homeland Security, the Attorney General, and the Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Obama Administration released its international strategy for cyberspace.  The strategy, described in a post from White House Cyber Coordinator Howard Schmidt, for the first time outlines a number of principles that the US will follow i


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