Enhancing the Government’s Decision-Making

Effective decision-making will be a critical element for the new administration to address key priorities quickly and effectively.

Leadership, Change, and Public-Private Partnerships

A Case Study of NASA and the Transition from Space Shuttle to Commercial Space Flight.

Managing Risk, Improving Results:  Lessons for Improving Government Management from GAO’s High Risk List

For more than a quarter century, the U.S. Government Accountability Office has been highlighting and tracking a handful of programs that it judges as being at high risk for waste, fraud, ...


A Management Roadmap for the Next Administration

Developing a Management Roadmap for the Next AdministrationTo prepare for the upcoming transition to a new Administration, we are hosting a series of Roundtable discussions to develop management recommendations for the next administration.  Learn more.

The IBM Center’s Research Priorities

Research Reports

Supporting key missions of government from the transition to a new administration. Read more.

The Business of Government Blog

US Healthcare spend...are we managing our resources effectively?
Dr. Keith Salzman
By managing the care of patients who are high utilizers, they are achieving a reduction in utilization and...
The Pendulum of Government Efficiency
Jesse Samberg
How government tries to be more efficient, and how shared services can be a key solution.