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Government for the Future: Reflection and Vision for Tomorrow’s Leaders

In our new book, Government for the Future: Reflection and Vision for Tomorrow’s Leaders, we first focus on six significant and enduring management trends of the past 20 years.  Our authors then look twenty years ahead to envision government in 2040.  

Read our blogs on individual chapters of the book and download chapters of the book.


Watch a video from our book launch event featuring two panels of academics and government leaders as they reflect on 20 years and look forward 20 years in government.



Expert Insights: The Former Government Executives Council

The Former Government Executives Council provides insight and innovative ideas to improve government based on their past and extensive experience as senior officials at the Federal, State, and local levels. Learn more!

Apply for a Research Stipend

The aim of the IBM Center is to tap into the best minds in academe and the nonprofit sector who can use rigorous public management research and analysis to produce reports with practical advice and insight for public sector executives and managers to improve the effectiveness of government. We are looking for very practical findings and recommendations - not just theory or concepts - in order to assist executives and managers to more effectively respond to mission and management challenges. Learn more or apply online.


The research announcement was written using research and perspectives shared by current and former government leaders, and which was summarized in this special report, Seven Drivers Transforming Government.   The report identifies seven drivers for transforming government in the years to come.  They include: Insight, Agility, Effectiveness, Risk, People, Engagement, and Digital. Read the report.

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Interviews with Leaders: The Business of Government Hour

Conversations with Leaders

Ash Carter, former Secretary of Defense and author of Inside the five-sided box: lessons from a lifetime of leadership in the Pentagon
David Benjamin, author of Cracking Complexity
Jose Arrieta, Chief Information Officer, US Department of Health and Human Services

Twitter Insights

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The Center in the News

Dan Chenok Video

 This audio/video library provides perspectives on key government issues through appearances in a variety of media outlets.  Watch!

Executive Director's Corner

The National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) has created the Agile Government Center (AGC), in partnership with the IBM Center for the Business of Government (Center), to develop, disseminate, and implement agile government principles worldwide.

The AGC will serve as the hub of a network that will convene governments, non-profits, foundations, academic institutions and private sector partners to assist in developing agile government principles and disseminating them rapidly, and widely using case studies of agile policies and programs. This network will be a source of assistance to those who want to implement the principles. Learn more!

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