Jonathan D. Breul

Jonathan D. Breul was the Executive Director of the IBM Center for The Business of Government and a Partner in IBM Global Business Services. The IBM Center for The Business of Government helps public sector executives improve the effectiveness of government with practical ideas and original thinking. The Center sponsors independent research by top minds in academe and the non-profit sector, and creates opportunities for dialogue on a broad range of public management topics.

White House Management Advisory Board

On Monday, President Obama signed an executive order creating a new White House advisory board to be populated by corporate executives who will provide cutting-edge best management practices to their government counterparts.

Dealing with Poor Performers

The issue of poor performers is a perennial topic. This topic seems to continually top the list of issues the President’s Management Council – comprised of deputy secretaries – wants to address by streamlining the rules. But a new report by the Merit Systems Protection Board concludes that it is not the rules, but the managers, who are the problem.

The President's Management Council: An Important Management Innovation

In 1993, the President's Management Council (PMC) was created. The PMC consists primarily of the deputy secretaries of each federal departemnt. The PMC served as the coordinating body for the administration's initiatives in management in government. In this report, the value of the PMC as a management innovation is assessed. The study is based on on-the-record inteviews with current and former Council members and is the the only study thus far of the PMC.