Director, MIT Trust: Data Consortium
MIT Connection Science
77 Massachusetts Avenue E15-386
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States

Dr. Thomas Hardjono is the Director of the MIT Trust: Data Consortium, part of MIT Connection Science. Prior to this he was the Executive Director of the MIT Kerberos Consortium for over 5 years, championing the deployment of the MIT Kerberos protocol to several platforms and ecosystems, including IoT devices, Mobile platforms and Enterprise Cloud services. Thomas has held several industry key technical positions in the past, including Distinguished Engineer at Bay Networks, Principal Scientist at VeriSign PKI, and CTO roles at several start-ups. He has been at the forefront of several identity, trust and cybersecurity initiatives in industry, ranging from network multicast security, IoT Security, trusted computing to scalable identity systems, P2P networks and blockchain systems. Thomas has authored several technical papers, patents and books covering cryptography, networking, identity and blockchain security.