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Michael D. Serlin is currently writing and consulting on public service change after a thirty-six year Federal career. He retired in 1994 from the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Financial Management Service. As an Assistant Commissioner, he directed innovations in electronic funds transfer and financial operations for the U.S. Government and initiated entrepreneurial administrative support across agencies.

Mr. Serlin led the financial management team for the National Performance Review (Reinventing Government) Task Force, most of whose recommendations were incorporated in the Government Management Reform Act of 1994. The law included requiring audited financial statements for all major agencies and introduced franchising-competitive cross-servicing of agency administrative support.

A former Senior Executive Service Presidential rank award winner, and a former President of the Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association, Mr. Serlin worked for three Departments (Treasury, Post Office, and Navy) and two independent agencies (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Home Loan Bank Board) in his Federal career.

He is a Principal with The Council for Excellence in Government and currently serves on the Boards of Directors of three non-profit organizations-The International Institute of Business Technologies, the Treasury Historical Association, and the Arlington (Virginia) Retirement Housing Corporation. He has contributed frequent articles on entrepreneurial government and other government change efforts to magazines and professional journals.