Social Innovation Research Center
United States

Patrick Lester is the director of the Social Innovation Research Center (SIRC).

The Social Innovation Research Center (SIRC) is a nonpartisan nonprofit research organization devoted to increasing the impact of nonprofits and public agencies in the field of human services. The center's work falls into three main categories: (1) reports and case studies on highly effective nonprofits and public agencies; (2) public policy analysis; and (3) coverage of major social innovation-related news based on interviews with leading experts, government officials, and front-line practitioners.

Mr. Lester was previously a director at the Center for Effective Government, Vice President for Social Impact at Social Solutions, Vice President for Public Policy at the Alliance for Children and Families, and Director of Public Policy at United Way of America (now United Way Worldwide).  He also served on the staff of the Domestic Policy Council in the Clinton White House.

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