Director of Research in Industrial Sustainability
University of Cambridge
United States

Steve Evans is Director of Research in Industrial Sustainability at the University of Cambridge. He leads a research team trying to improve the environmental impact of the world’s industrial system. Steve started working in his first factory in 1976, before becoming Engineering Systems Manager at Martin-Baker Engineering, where he helped design and make the world’s best ejection seats. Helping save 2 lives per week and working on a product that has 2 seconds to succeed, often travelling at up to 1000kph, was too much fun and forced a change in career into teaching and research. Now at the University of Cambridge, he tries to find ways to help industry become sustainable, and is particularly interested in inexpensive solutions – expensive solutions are too easy! His team come from across the globe, solving problems in Africa, Asia and Europe. Steve has co-founded a number of clean technology start-ups and held various posts advising industry and governments, including specialist adviser to the UK House of Lords. Steve is a father of two adult sons and a black belt at judo.

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