Monday, December 29, 2014
Looking back at year’s end, what themes pop out from the various blog posts written over the past year? What’s worth revisiting in 2015? Here’s a list.

My goal in blogging has been to provide context, insight, and inspiration on government management challenges for public sector managers, especially at the U.S. federal level. Following are blog posts from the past year organized around several themes, largely reflecting the trends reflected in the IBM Center’s research agenda. Hope you find this useful! Government Performance OMB’s New Annual Strategic Reviews Cross-Agency Priority Goals: 2014 (Part 1) Cross-Agency Priority Goals: 2014 (Part 2) Performance Budgeting: Lessons from the States Agencies Have Set New Priority Goals The Secret Sauce of Effective Progress Reviews Power Tools of Government (using delegations of authority and shared services) Four Actions to Better Integrate Performance with Budget Are We There Yet? Progress in Achieving CAP Goals New: Progress Reports on Agency Priority Goals Accumulated Wisdom (or, How Harry Hatry Sparked the Performance Movement) The “–Stat” Movement Turns Twenty Goal Leaders: An Innovation That’s Worked Federal Program Inventory Deemed Useless Why Isn’t Performance Information Being Used? Analytics and Evidence-Based Management Are You Ready for Analytics 3.0? Using Administrative Data for Statistical Purposes Money for Moneyball Government Implementing the DATA Act: Encouraging Signs Next Steps in MoneyBall Government Risk Creating Organizational Self-Defense (Part 1) Risky Business: When Government Takes Calculated Risks (Part 2) Creating Risk-Responsive Frameworks (Part 3) Student Aid: Pioneers in Managing Risk (Part 4) Collaboration Promising Practices for Interagency Collaboration One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Marshaling Science in Emergencies Assessing Trust in Cross-Agency Networks Is Recovery Act a Model for the Ebola Crisis? Innovation Innovation Australian-Style Innovation is a Team Sport What Do Innovation Offices Do? Leadership and People Does Management Matter? Netflix’s Five Tenets of HR How to Embed Quality into Your Organization’s Culture What Happens When Our Senior Scientists, Engineers, and Doctors Retire? Spotting Top Talent What Do We Know About Inter-Organizational Networks? Who’s the Next “Mayor of the Pentagon?” Creating a Cadre of Cross-Agency Executives Open Government What Is the Public’s Role in Government? Creating a Culture of Helping Transparency, Legitimacy, and Trust Empowering Citizens with Money and Social Media Other Good Stuff Taking Stock and Looking in the Crystal Ball (or, global trends in budgeting & finance) Magnifying the Voice of the Future (or, looking for federal strategic foresight) Hope you visit our blog in the New Year, as well! And if there are government management-related topics you think we should explore, feel free to share them with us.