Memos to the President: Management Advice from the Nation's Top Public Administrators provides eighteen memos to President George W. Bush...

Managing For Results 2002

Managing for Results 2002 summarizes five innovative, yet practical, approaches that public sector organizations use to better manage for...

E-Government 2001

E-Government 2001 provides in-depth case studies of the "state" of e-government today. The book chronicles the "early days" of e-government...

Transforming Organizations

This book provides in-depth case studies of outstanding government executives who dramatically changed both the performance and management of...


Center Author Books

System under Stress:  The Challenge to 21st Century Governance by Donald F. Kettl based on the report “Reflections on 21st Century Government Management” by Don Kettl and Steve Kelman

the end of government we know it - Making Public Policy Work by Elaine C. Kamarck based on the report “Applying 21st Century Government to the Challenge of Homeland Security” by Elaine C. Kamarck

Complex Contracting:  Government Purchasing in the Wake of the US Coast Guard's Deepwater Program by Trevor Brown, Matthew Potoski, and David Van Slyke based on the report “The Challenge of Contracting for Large Complex Projects: A Case Study of the Coast Guard’s Deepwater Program” by Trevor Brown, Matthew Potoski, and David Van Slyke

Enterprise Risk Management by Dr. Karen Hardy based on the report “Managing Risk in Government:  An Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management” by Dr. Karen Hardy

The Persistence of Innovation in Government by Sandford F. Borins based on the report “The Persistence of Innovation in Government:  A Guide for Innovative Public Servants” by Sandford F. Borins