Transforming Government Supply Chain Management

World-class, commercial supply chain management standards are now exceptionally high. The best organizations measure order-to-receipt time in two days or less, with near perfect probability. This speed is backed up by nimble systems capable of rapidly responding to unexpected contingencies and surge requirements. Unfortunately, while the commercial sector has been rapidly adopting modern, information-based supply chain systems—in order to remain competitive in the worldwide marketplace—the shift to such systems in the public sector has met with significant resistance and has moved far more slowly. Transforming Government Supply Chain Management provides the insights and expertise to overcome this inertia. In Part I, the editors provide a primer on supply chain management, an overview of innovative practices and tools, and a blueprint for government-wide transformation. Part II consists of ten case studies of public and private sector 'success stories.' The intent of this book is to help speed-up the needed transformation in the public sector.

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