David H. Schanzer

David Schanzer was appointed to be Director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security in 2005. He previously served in a variety of postions in the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, including Minority Staff Director of the Committee on Homeland Security, United States House of Representatives and Special Counsel, Office of the General Counsel, United States Department of Defense.

Schanzer is a Visiting Professor of Public Policy at Duke University and an Adjunct Professor of Public Policy at the University of North Carolina

Mark K Cassell

Mark K. Cassell is Associate Professor of Political Science at Kent State University, where he teaches courses in public policy and administration, comparative public policy, and urban politics. His scholarship is mainly concerned with understanding public sector transformations. His work includes How Governments Privatize: The Politics of Divestment in the United States and Germany (Georgetown University Press, 2003).

Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1943. He was educated in that city and at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, where he received his A.B. (Hons.) in political science in 1965. In 1966, he obtained his M.A. in political science at the University of Alberta. He completed his Ph.D. in political science at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina in 1973. From 1975 to 1983, Campbell taught at York University in Toronto where he became professor of political science and coordinator of the Public Policy and Administration Program.

Terry F. Buss

Terry F. Buss is Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University and a Fellow, National Academy of Public Administration. He earned a doctorate in political science and mathematics from the Ohio State University. He has managed public policy and management programs and research centers at Ohio State University, Youngstown State University, University of Akron, Suffolk University, and Florida International University. He has also served as a senior policy advisor at the Council of Governors Policy Advisors, Congressional Research Service, U.S.

John Bridgeland and Bruce Reed

John Bridgeland is Founder and CEO of Civic Enterprises, a public policy firm in Washington, D.C., and Vice Chair of the Service Year Alliance at The Aspen Institute, a new initiative to create a voluntary, civilian national service counterpart to military service in the United States. He is also author of the book, Heart of the Nation: Volunteering and America's Civic Spirit, which is being assigned in classes on college campuses.

Trevor L. Brown

Trevor Brown conducts research and teaches on public management and leadership, governance, government contracting, public private partnerships, and democracy and democratic transitions.

Professor Brown received his Ph.D. in Public Policy and Political Science from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Department of Political Science, Indiana University and a B.A. in Public Policy from Stanford University.

Douglas A. Brook

Douglas A. Brook is Visiting Professor of the Practice in the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. He is also professor emeritus at the Naval Postgraduate School, where he had served as professor, dean of the Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, and director of the Center for Defense Management Research. From 2007 to 2009, Brook served first as Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management & Comptroller) and later as Acting Undersecretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Offcer.

Barry Bozeman

Barry Bozeman is Regents’ Professor of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology. He previously served as director of the School of Public Policy and was founding director of the Research Value Mapping Program. Before joining Georgia Tech in 1994, Bozeman was Professor of Public Administration and Affiliate Professor of Engineering at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs and the L. C. Smith College of Engineering. Bozeman’s research interests have focused on public management and science and technology policy.

Christopher Ansell

Christopher Ansell received his BA in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia in 1979 and worked at the U.S. Office of Technology Assessment from 1979 through 1984. He received his PhD in Political Science from the University of Chicago in 1993. He is currently Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley, where he teaches courses in public administration, organization theory, public policy, and regulation. Ansell’s current research focuses on how public agencies manage societal risks and govern unruly public problems.

Julie M. Anderson

Julie M. Anderson leads the health care wellness initiative within IBM’s Public Sector Global Business Services practice in Washington, DC. Previously, Ms. Anderson worked as an IBM consultant to state and federal government agencies to improve their business processes. Prior to her private sector experience, Ms. Anderson worked as a legislative aide to U.S. Senator J. Robert Kerrey. She also worked as a policy analyst in the Offi ce of the U.S.