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Zvika Krieger is the U.S. Department of State's Representative to Silicon Valley and Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation. He works with the technology and innovation sectors on tackling global challenges, leading initiatives on providing assistance to refugees, tracking nuclear weapons, expanding access to clean energy, and countering violent extremism. He also helps the State Department plan for the international impacts of emerging technology trends, such as blockchains, gene editing, and artificial intelligence.

The "De-Siloization" of Knowledge in Government

The long hallways of the State Department’s headquarters building in Foggy Bottom are called “corridors.”  Over the decades, that is where people from different offices and bureaus ran into each other, informally got business done, and shared tips for being successful at different foreign posts.  And that’s where reputations were made, and unmade. 

Corridor's Success Metrics

Last week, I wrote about Corridor, the State Department's new internal social networking portal.  This week, I want to examine some ways that its administrators can illustrate to their leadership that their investment in Corridor is returning results.  Here are the top four metrics I think they should look at:

Peering down the Corridor: The New Social Network's Features and Their Uses

Previously, I've written about State's new internal-only social media portal, Corridor, and some of the ways its administrators can measure its success.

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