Solving Public Problems at the Regional Level

In a research project last year, Carnegie Mellon University students used prescription data provided by the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Department of Human Services to create a model that could, with 78 percent accuracy, predict who was at a high risk of opioid abuse outside of pain clinics.  Early detection allows clinicians to intervene before an addiction even develops.

John B. Gilmour

John B. Gilmour is a Professor of Government and Associate Director of the Public Policy Program at the College of William & Mary. He teaches courses on American politics, public policy, and budgeting. Before coming to William & Mary in 1995, he taught at Washington University in St. Louis and the University of California at San Diego.

Ann Cotten

Ann Cotten is the Director of the Schaefer Center for Public Policy at the University of Baltimore. The Schaefer Center is an applied research unit within the School of Public Affairs with a mission to bring the knowledge and expertise of the university community to bear in solving the problems faced by government and non-profit organizations. The Center’s work focuses on program evaluation, opinion research, strategic management and performance measurement, and management consulting.

Haynes A. Cooney

Haynes A. Cooney is the Research Program Manager at the IBM Institute for Business Value.

David Closs

David J. Closs is the John H. McConnell Chaired Professor of Business Administration in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University. He has been extensively involved in the development and application of computer models and information systems for supply chain operations and planning. Dr.

Nancy Thoennes

Nancy Thoennes, Ph.D. has conducted research involving juvenile and family courts in approximately 30 states. Her research has considered models of legal representation for children in child abuse and neglect cases; a national evaluation of the Court Improvement Projects (with Pal-Tech, Inc.); integrated approaches to managing multi-case families in the criminal justice system; and an evaluation of Family Group Decision-Making in Child Protection Cases in Colorado. Dr. Thoennes has also conducted research on dependency mediation in over 13 jurisdictions.

Steve Sawyer

Steve Sawyer is a Professor in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University and currently serves as Associate Dean for Research and Doctoral Programs. He does social informatics research, with a particular focus on the ways in which people work together and use information and communication technologies. His research has been supported by Credit Suisse, Corning, IBM, Sonoco, Xerox, the Lattanze Foundation, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the National Center for Real Estate Research, and the National Science Foundation.

John Carnevale

An internationally recognized expert in the field of drug policy, Dr. John Carnevale has served three administrations and four ?Drug Czars? within the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government. At the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), he directed the formulation of the President?s National Drug Control Strategy as well as the federal drug control budget. Dr. Carnevale is recognized as the key architect of the Performance Measures of Effectiveness (PME) System which ONDCP used to determine progress towards national goals and objectives.

Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1943. He was educated in that city and at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, where he received his A.B. (Hons.) in political science in 1965. In 1966, he obtained his M.A. in political science at the University of Alberta. He completed his Ph.D. in political science at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina in 1973. From 1975 to 1983, Campbell taught at York University in Toronto where he became professor of political science and coordinator of the Public Policy and Administration Program.

A Call for Research into Key Challenges Facing Government

Last week, The IBM Center for The Business of Government released our most recent “Call for Research Proposals” – a guide to what key challenges faced by government will benefit from Center-sponsored reports in the next several years.  The Center solicits proposals that result in reports that have sound research, insightful findings, and actionable recommendations for government leaders and public managers in the following areas of interest – challenges that we consider to be six driver