Carl Moravitz

Integrating Performance and Budgets

Governments are under increasing pressure to produce—and to demonstrate—results in terms of their mission. Over the last decade, countries around the world have undertaken reforms with the aim of improving the relevance and effectiveness of public services and the quality of public sector management. Integrating Performance and Budgets showcases attempts by federal and state governments, as well as a mix of developed and developing countries, to introduce performance or results-oriented budgeting and management as a means to support better decision making and accountability.

Re-Engineering Specialist
Fulcrum Vets, LLC.
United States

CARL MORAVITZ is a Re-Engineering Specialist at Fulcrum Vets, LLC. Previously, he was Senior Managing Consultant with IBM, working directly on budget and performance integration, performance-based budgeting solutions, and federal financial management. He has more than 30 years of experience in managing and directing budgets for large and diverse organizations. Mr. Moravitz served as a budget director at the U.S. Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Voice of America.

He is a leader in streamlining and simplifying budget processes, focusing and addressing key policy issues usually ignored in the budget process. His leadership in Performance Budgeting includes the development of a prototype Results Act-Compliant Performance Budget that has served as the model for the presentation of integrated budget and performance plans to OMB and the Congress. While at the Department of the Treasury, he served 18 months as the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Strategy and Finance during the transition to a new administration in 2001.

Mr. Moravitz has broad knowledge in the funding challenges accompanying the full stewardship of federal government finances, and its impact on federal budget policy in general, and agency and organizational processes in particular. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of financial and general management programs and issues; demonstrated ability and experience in the federal budget and legislative process; and knowledge of the operations, organization and interrelationships of both the executive and legislative branches of government.

With the IBM Center, he wrote several articles and publications on performance management and budgeting, including selected best practices and recommended directions. He jointly authored, with Jonathan Breul, a book specifically on performance-based budgeting in the public sector, Performance and Budgeting: The Budget Office of Tomorrow, and contributed to a performance-based chapter for the International Handbook of Practice-Based Performance Management.

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