Tuesday, April 30, 2024
We are excited to collaborate with another good government group, the GTSC’s HSToday. Their mission is to provide the highest quality reporting and coverage to inform and educate the entire homeland security community.

The IBM Center for The Business of Government will share insights from our “Future Shocks” initiative done in collaboration with the National Academy of Public Administration and the IBM Institute for Business Value, and subsequent book Transforming the Business of Government: Insights on Resiliency, Innovation, and Performance, with HSToday readers.

The means and methods traditionally employed by government to serve the public face a significant challenge posed by the advent of disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, the changing nature of physical and cyber threats, and the impact of social media and miscommunication on society. Through our partnership with HS Today, we will share insights on how the homeland security community and partners across government can build resilience in thinking and action, innovate while acting with agility, and stay ahead of increasingly rapid  changes in technology.  Through an on-going column and paired webinars, the collaboration will explore how best practices, questions about the unknown, and insights from several Center initiatives can be applied to leadership thinking. The first post, an overview of strategies to address these issues, summarizes key findings from the book

Government is being asked to handle “everything everywhere all at once.” Through this partnership with HSToday, we seek to elevate understanding and planning for how numerous disparate factors interact, and how to translate these insights into actionable goals for the homeland community. 

We look forward to the ongoing collaboration.