Friday, July 28, 2023
A Conversation with Santiago Garces, CIO, the City of Boston.

"The City of Boston uses innovation and technology to help deliver better public services, programs and products to every constituent," notes Santiago Garces, chief information officer, City of Boston. Innovation and technology enable equity effectiveness and efficiency. The Department of Innovation and Technology creates accessible, reliable, scalable, secure, and dignified experiences for Boston residents.  "Innovation and technology," explains Garces, allow us to embrace new possibilities to connect public servants to our constituents."

Recently, Santiago joined me on The Business of Government Hour to discuss his efforts to lead the city of Boston's IT efforts and find ways to leverage innovation and technology to improve the way government delivers services and runs programs.  Here a sampling of the insights he shared during our conversation.

0:00 Opening

0:26 Mission

1:16 Management Challenges

4:22 IT Strategy 

9:10 Modernizing Infrastructure and Systems

12:57 IT Governance