Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Laurie Giddens and Stacie Petter Share Insights on Technology-Oriented Reskilling Programs

"How can we narrow the technology-skills gap? A growing number of organizations are relying on technology-oriented reskilling programs to train employees on skills for new or different roles within their organization. One billion people worldwide will need reskilling by the year 2030, and companies expect to provide upskilling and reskilling opportunities to nearly three-fourths of their current workforce. Specifically, technology-oriented reskilling programs teach workers new skills about one or more technologies to solve organizational problems in new or evolving organizational roles."

There’s no question that technology can improve government operations or help governments at all levels offer new services.  Most people who have been involved in the process understand, however, that training is key and a new column at by Professors Laurie Giddens and Stacie Petter, authors of the recent IBM Center report, Reskilling the Workforce with Technology-Oriented Training, underscores this point and takes things a full step further: "It's abundantly clear . . . that sending employees to technology-oriented training programs is just the first step to address the technology-skills gap."

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