Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Current Radio Host and Magazine Editor Michael Keegan will expand his contributions in building on lessons from government leaders

Government leaders today have an opportunity to address serious public management issues that go to the core of effective governance and leadership, meeting seemingly intractable problems head-on.  Complex public sector challenges do not follow orderly and linear processes, and governments operate in an environment of limited resources while responsibilities seem to have increased (e.g., homeland security, home loan modifications, cybersecurity). As a result, successful government leaders go beyond established parameters and institutional strictures, working across organizational boundaries in pursuit of multilayered, networked approaches tailored to a specific challenge.

Now more than ever, the federal government depends on effective senior leadership that is integral to the success of the business of government. Leaders are responsible for envisioning, shaping, and safeguarding the future, creating clarity amongst uncertainty so that federal agencies can meet their respective missions.  Since its inception, the IBM Center, through its various platforms and partnerships, has sought to enhance the leadership quotient in government.

Our flagship leaders program, The Business of Government Hourhosted weekly byMichael Keegan, presents leadership stories of of senior government executives who are tackling some of the most significant public management challenges facing government today. They provide  informative, insightful, and in-depth perspectives about their leadership approach and vision of government in the 21st century. These conversations offer compelling insights, lessons learned, and, most of all, advice to others facing similar issues. Michael has interviewed and profiled hundreds of senior government executives and thought leaders and who present unique views on leadership in government.  In addition, the Center profiles some of the most exceptional leaders in government today for each edition of The Business of Government magazine.

There are many other ways that Michael’s efforts contribute to the Center's leadership research. Through his work, the Center provides government executives with practical insights from thought leaders who produce our reports – merging real-world experience with practical scholarship. Rather than offering definitive solutions to the many management challenges facing government executives, these efforts provide a resource from which to draw actionable recommendations on how best to confront such issues.

Given these efforts and the Center’s continued focus on the importance of leadership in government, I am pleased to announce Michael Keegan as the Center’s new Leadership Fellow.  We look forward to continued engagement with Michael and our government partners and stakeholders in this essential enabler for public sector success.