A Weapon on the War for Talent: Using Special Authorities to Recruit Crucial Personnel

To meet the need for highly skilled professionals and administrators whose talents are in great demand in the public and private sectors, Congress has given special authority to certain federal agencies to hire such people under streamlined procedures and at salaries that are very high by federal standards. This report inventories and describes the various applications of these authorities in different agencies. The study analyzes the uses to which these authorities have been put and assesses their value to the agencies.

An Assessment of Brownfield Redevelopment Policies: The Michigan Experience

This report examines the effects of Michigan's newly adopted brownfield legislation that promotes the redevelopment of contaminated industrial sites in urban centers. The study measures the success of Michigan’s innovative brownfield program, and identifies best practices among municipalities conducting redevelopment efforts. The results provide insight on environmental policy reform to Congress, the EPA, and other state and local governments considering similar policy reforms.green

Applying 21st-Century Government to the Challenge of Homeland Security

This paper describes the emerging implementation strategies of government in the twenty-first century. The first section describes three models of government available to policy makers who believe that the bureaucratic model cannot solve the problems at hand: Reinvented Government, Government by Network and Government by Market. Reinvented Government is government shorn of many public sector trappings and geared towards performance.

Bridging the Knowledge and Skills Gap: Tapping Federal Retirees

This research project focuses on the untapped pool of knowledge of the Federal retiree community and will develop an innovative model and "best practices" that Federal agencies can use to reduce the Federal human capital crisis. Case studies to include the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Agriculture and NASA Goddard.

Commerce Comes to Government on the Desktop: E-Commerce Applications in the Public Sector

This report examines electronic commerce and other World Wide Web technologies currently available in the private and public sector. The study provides insights into how government can enhance its delivery of services online. The report aims to spark creativity and innovation in the use of technology in the public sector, and to leverage private sector uses of technology in the public sector. Technology and E-Government

Creating a Culture of Innovation:10 Lessons from America's Best Run City

This report explores how managers create a culture of innovation through a comprehensive case study of Phoenix, Arizona, which has been consistently recognized as the best run city in America. Through interviews with Phoenix’s mayor and department heads in city government, themes are developed on creating a culture of change, encouraging responsible risk-taking, and undertaking public entrepreneurship. The study also provides recommendations for other managers who are focused on change and innovation within their organization. Innovation

Entrepreneurial Government: Bureaucrats as Businesspeople

This report examines the story of a hardy group of civil servants who are moving away from stodgy, stovepiped, red-tape-ridden bureaucracies to create new business that are in some cases good enough to beat private companies competing for government contracts. These programs -an amalgam of franchise operations, revolving fund reimbursable services, multi-agency contract operators and fee-based service providers- offer lessons for a government determined to run with the efficiency and effectiveness of business. Innovation

Extraordinary Results on National Goals: Networks and Partnerships in the Bureau of Primary Health Care's 100%/0 Campaign

Over the past decade much work has been done on defining leaders and examining the distinctions among leaders, management and administration. This study examines an innovative approach to leading as a discipline and a method. It describes the Bureau of Primary Health Care's management effort from 1998 to 2001 to transform the health care system at the community level throughout America. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HSRA) within the Department of Health and Human Services organized the 100% Access & 0 Disparities Campaign.

Federal Intranet Work Sites: An Interim Assessment Federal Intranet Work Sites: An Interim Assessment

This report uncovers ideas and practices in government-to-employee web-based communication. It investigates and analyzes the visions of online collaboration that are emerging in federal agencies and the web-based governemnt-to-emploee practices that are in place. The study considersr the leverage points, opportunities and barriers to developing these innovations. Technology and E-Government


Government Management of Information Mega-Technology: Lessons from the Internal Revenue Service’s Tax Systems Modernization

This report provides a history of computer modernization efforts by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), beginning with the initial Tax Systems Modernization project and ending with the current initiative. The study reviews the many hurdles faced by the IRS, highlighting those obstacles related to legislative constraints, bureaucratic entanglements, political complexities, civil service restrictions, and contracting and procurement requirements. Innovation