Solly Thomas

Solly Thomas is Associate
Partner, Human Capital
Management, at IBM Global
Business Services.

NEW Spring/Summer 2012 - The Business of Government Magazine

 outline successes, and tell us how they, in their own unique way, are making a difference in an era of fiscal austerity.

USA Suite – Integrating Human Capital Management Services to Help Government Innovate and Operate Efficiently

OPM leads the Federal Government's efforts to improve strategic human capital management.  OPM focuses on building a professional civil service based on merit principles, where Federal employees can effectively serve the public throughout the employment life cycle – while also receiving benefits and services from “hire to retire” that are consistent with best practices.  That effort continues today as OPM embarks on a new initiative to integrate HR offerings and HR data sets across the Government.

The Acquisition Workforce: What Agency Chief Operating Officers Need to Do

Learn how agencies can put in place or enhance core processes to make the acquistion functions operate as effectively as possible.

Competitive Sourcing: What Happens to Federal Employees?

By examining all A-76 competitions conducted by the Department of Defense from 1994 through the first quarter of 2004, this report analyzes the impact of competitive sourcing on federal employees. The authors present three major conclusions. First, most claims of the negative impact of competitive sourcing on federal employees are unfounded. Second, the data affirmed previous research on the benefits of competitive sourcing.