Dr. Rodney Scott

Dr. Rodney Scott is currently a visiting fellow at the Ash Center For Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University, where he is completing a research project exploring methods for managing (and improving) the performance of senior public servants. Dr. Scott is the Principal Research Fellow for New Zealand’s State Services Commission, where he leads the public management research programme and provides advice on public sector design and evaluation. Dr.

Government Reform: The New Zealand Example (Part 2)

At the World Bank’s series of forums on performance management, I found John Whitehead’s insights particularly interesting.  Whitehead is a former secretary of the Treasury in New Zealand, which has been touted as the most advanced in performance-oriented government reform.  He looked back on what worked and what did not in their reform efforts over the past 25 years.  New Zealand’s effor

New Research Report Recipients

We are pleased to announce our latest round of awards for new reports on key public sector challenges, which respond to priorities identified in the Center's research agenda. Our content is intended to stimulate and accelerate the production of practical research that benefits public sector leaders and managers.

We expect the following reports to be published later in 2017.  Short summaries of each report follow:


Insights from New Zealand's "Results" Programme

Nearly three decades ago, New Zealand pioneered government reforms to make individual single-purpose agencies – a “vertical” solution -- more accountable and effective.  While successful, it exacerbated another challenge facing government agencies -- addressing “horizontal” societal problems, i.e., those that span traditional agency boundaries.  So, New Zealand undertook a new round of reform in 2012 to address a handful of persistent societal and economic problems by creat

Performance management lessons from Sweden to New Zealand

At a time when the Office of Management and Budget is asking federal executives and managers to place even more attention on performance management activities, the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration has released a scanning study of how transportation agencies in Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand and Sweden apply performance management. “Linking Transportation Performance and Accountability” documents how transportatio