Rob Foster

Mr. Rob Foster was selected as the Department of the Navy (DON) chief information officer (CIO) effective June 2015.  In support of the deputy under secretary of the navy for management, Mr. Foster heads the Office of the DON CIO and is the DON’s senior official and advisor on matters related to Information Management (IM), InformationTechnology (IT)/cyberspace, and Information Resources Management (IRM).

A Roadmap for IT Modernization in Government

Professor Dawson’s recommended roadmap is based on research into past experiences in IT modernization at the Federal and State level, as well as in industry. He draws lessons from his research and extensive case interviews with Federal and State Chief Information Officers (CIOs). Using these lessons, the author frames impediments to modernization and risks for agencies that do not modernize, including continued cybersecurity weaknesses.

Delivering Artificial Intelligence in Government: Challenges and Opportunities

The author takes this real-world experience to set forth a framework for agencies to plan, develop, and deploy AI systems. He then puts forward a set of challenges for government leaders and innovators in this space, along with opportunities for agencies to act in addressing these challenges. Finally, Desouza outlines a maturity model for agencies to use in guiding their journey forward in applying AI to improve mission performance.

Weekly Round-up: March 8, 2013

Dan Chenok

Achieving Success with Agile Delivery

Today, the Center is pleased to release a new guide on how Federal agencies can leverage Agile development methods to achieve success.

Many complex IT programs are encumbered by requirements that continually change over lengthy timeframes. The results are often cost overruns and schedule delays. As a result, desired mission objectives are not achieved.

The Operator's Manual - An Update of Chapter 6: Technology


SUBJECT: Technology

Weekly Round-up: August 1, 2014

John Kamensky


IT Reform Bill, Redux.  A bipartisan group of congressmen have unveiled a new IT acquisition reform bill, writes Sean Lyngaas, Federal Computer Week.  The bill would create a Digital Government Office in OMB, headed by a presidentially-appointed, Senate confirmed CIO.

How agencies' security efforts can drive economic growth

Understanding the link between cybersecurity, physical assets and economic growth can help the government design an approach that provides both IT and economic security. A cyber incident can have physical impacts, while a physical incident can have cyber implications -- and both are likely to come with economic costs.

To foster a climate in which cyber and physical assets foster economic vitality, both risks must be addressed and technology must be seen as a key player in economic development.

How Will Government Adapt?: Technology—Increasingly Everywhere

This is the second blog post in a series that sums up highlights of sessions held as part of the annual meeting in mid-November of the National Academy of Public Administration. This panel was moderated by Karen S. Evans, National Director, Partner, US Cyber Challenge and KE&T Partners LLC (and former head of e-government in the Office of Management and Budget). Panelists Mark A. Forman, Vice President, IT Services and Cloud Initiatives Dan Chenok, Executive Director, IBM Center for The Business of Government Highlights Background.

New Research Report Recipients

The Center for The Business of Government continues to support reports by leading thinkers on key issues affecting government today. We are pleased to announce our latest round of awards for new reports on key public sector challenges, which respond to priorities identified in the Center's long-term research agenda, see We expect the following reports to be published later in 2015. Short summaries of each report are included below.