Jane Fedorowicz

Jane Fedorowicz, Chester B. Slade Professor of Accounting and Information systems, holds a joint appointment in the Accountancy and Information & Process Management departments at Bentley University, where she teaches courses on enterprise system configuration, business processes, and internal controls. She is principal investigator of a National Science Foundation project team studying design issues for police and government agency collaboration using public safety networks.

Managing the Shift from 'Push' to 'Pull' Information Economy

One of the two implications of the paradigm shift I wrote about was the movement from an information economy in which providers pushed out their content to one in which consumers pulled it into their feed.  This movement started with the advent of RSS feeds and has hit a high point in link shortening and sharing on Twitter and facebook.

How Can Government Best Integrate and Share Information, at Home and Abroad?

The IBM Center for the Business of Government hosted a recent Roundtable discussion with current and former government leaders and stakeholders about integrating and analyzing data within and across governments across the Atlantic to improve threat prediction and prevention. This initial discussion focused on how the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) information sharing enterprise can have greatest impact and interaction with partners. 

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