CAP Goals: A New Government Acronym (Part 1)

These goals stem from a new statutory requirement that the Office of Management and Budget identify and manage a small handful of cross-agency priority goals, covering both mission and mission-support functions.

OMB identified 14 CAP Goals.  Seven focus on mission-related functions.  Seven focus on mission-support.  All reflect existing initiatives but now have a higher profile.

CAP Goals: A New Government Acronym (Part 2)

Yesterday, I highlighted seven Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals developed by OMB for the first time in response to the new GPRA Modernization Act of 2010. Here are highlights of seven additional CAP Goals responding to that new law’s requirement to address cross-cutting management challenges facing agencies.


Transformational Leaders

as released a leader’s playbook for guiding transformation.

Transformational Leaders

With budget crunches for the foreseeable future, GSA Administrator Martha Johnson says “Tough budgets should trigger innovation, not fear.” And for many government leaders, innovation means transformation of their work and their agencies.


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