What Are the DATA Act’s Implications for Federal Agencies?

Previous IBM Center posts about the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) of 2014 by Dan Chenok (The DATA Act and Transparency: 4 Ways that Industry Will Benefit and The DATA Act Moves Forward) and John Kamensky (Here’s Why DATA Act Implementation May Be Successful) discuss various aspects about the law. This post provides a very brief background to the law and focuses on its implementation implications for Federal agencies.

Ten Success Factors in Implementing Large Initiatives

However, last month the federal government managed a quiet, yet successful, implementation of a key element of the DATA Act. A website of financial data from across the government went
“live,” and nothing bad happened! What lessons were learned that could be applied to other large-scale, government-wide initiatives in the future? A panel sponsored by the National Academy of Public Administration recently explored this question.