Alvin E Tarrell

Alvin E. Tarrell is currently a Ph.D. student in information technology at the Peter Kiewit Institute at the University of Nebraska–Omaha (UNO-PKI). His research interests include information design, information visualization, visual analytics, human-computer interaction, data analytics and knowledge management.  His dissertation research focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of visual information displays, primarily in the area of electronic health records and population health informatics.  In addition, Mr. Tarrell is an operational analyst for the U.S.

Vice Admiral Jack Dorsett: Strengthening the U.S. Navy’s Information Dominance for the 21st Century

In an increasingly interconnected and networked world, information possesses such significant power that it can no longer be viewed simply as an enabler to meeting one’s mission. Whether in business or defending the nation, information can act as a serious differentiator for those who leverage it and use it to their competitive advantage. The U.S.

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