G. Martin Wagner

Mr. Wagner was a Senior Fellow of the IBM Center for The Business of Government. Mr. Wagner joined the Center after 31 years of public service. He had most recently restructured and ran GSA's Federal Acquisition Service - the largest government organization delivering acquisition, technology, and management services to federal agencies.

Weekly Round-up: March 8, 2013

Dan Chenok

Leadership in Action - The Business of Government Magazine Spring 2014

In meeting varied missions, government executives confront significant challenges. Responding properly to them must be guided and informed by the harsh fiscal and budgetary realities of the day. It can no longer be simply a wishful platitude that government do more with less. Leaders need to change the way government does business to make smarter use of increasingly limited resources—leveraging technology and innovation to be more efficient, effective, anticipatory, adaptive, and evidence-based in delivering missions and securing the public trust.

How government can securely leverage cloud environments

From the OMB “Cloud First” strategy, to GSA’s Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), the government is following commercial best practices to leverage the cloud.

Cloud capabilities can be provided over the public Internet or through connections over private networks -- and government does both. Some agencies establish private clouds due to perceived risks of making data available over public channels. At the same time, they are moving toward greater use of the open Internet, including public clouds.

FedRAMP Goes Mobile, Benefiting Agencies and the Public

co-authored by guest blogger Andras Szakal, Vice President and CTO, US Federal, IBM Benefits from FedRAMP FedRAMP has made great strides in operationalizing the federal security C&A process. FedRAMP brings commercial best practices standardization of the process for cloud security, and does across agencies in a way that also provides consistency across the entire federal government.

Strengthening Connective Links in Government

The evolution of technology tools and the use of social media has dramatically lowered the technical and bureaucratic barriers to working more collaboratively. In the first days of his administration, President Obama publicly placed a premium on the use of collaboration.

Open Government and Creativity: GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies

GSA's Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies (OCSIT) serves as a key resource for OMB and agencies in delivering on the Administration’s IT agenda, as indicated in its newly issued annual report.

Open Government and Creativity: GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies

This week, GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies (OCSIT) released its annual report on activities in 2011.  This GSA entity, led by Administrator Dave McClure and a very able staff, serves to drive innovation and transparency to support better government for citizens.  OSCIT oversees the Government’s portal, www.USA.gov; leads a number of Administration priorities, including cloud computing via 


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