Weekly Roundup: January 3-7, 2022

Making the Customer Service Executive Order Really Work. Among the keys: making permanent the flexibility to pursue innovation through technology and multi-sector partnerships. As with any major reform effort, success will be defined in many ways and determined by many factors. But clearly, early and quick “wins” are critical. The good news is that, despite the complexity of many of the challenges, the opportunities for those wins are available.

Leading the Defense Innovation Unit

The Defense Innovation Unit, DIU, is the only U.S. Department of Defense organization focused exclusively on fielding and scaling commercial technology across the U.S. military to help it solve critical problems and build a force for the future today. 

Encouraging Change with Technology-Oriented Reskilling Programs

"How can we narrow the technology-skills gap? A growing number of organizations are relying on technology-oriented reskilling programs to train employees on skills for new or different roles within their organization.

NEW REPORT: Reskilling the Workforce with Technology-Oriented Training

Government agencies are increasingly expected to provide more and higher levels of services for citizens with fewer resources. This difficult balancing act requires that government executives maximize the effectiveness of agency transformation efforts.  Government agencies use technology to increase the efficiency of their services, but rapid changes in technology create a need for additional training to help the workforce remain current in their knowledge and application of new innovations.

Weekly Roundup: November 8-12, 2021

Governmentwide chat, calendar collaboration tools coming in 2022. Sometime in early 2022, federal employees will be able to check the calendar and chat with a colleague at another agency. No more emailing and hoping they will respond. No more playing calendar tag to try to find an agreeable time for a meeting.

NEW REPORT: Sustaining a Distant Vision: NASA, Mars, and Relay Leadership

With the release of Sustaining a Distant Vision: NASA, Mars, and Relay Leadership, Professor W. Henry Lambright of the Maxwell School at Syracuse University continues his research for the IBM Center exploring the intersection of government leadership, Big Science, and space exploration.  The report draws on insights from a group of experts in leadership roles with NASA.

Nurturing the Habit of Innovating

Dr. Ben Bensaou, author of Built to Innovate joined me on The Business of Government Hour to discuss insights from his book and explore the strategic imperative for today’s leaders to make innovating an organizational habit.

NEW REPORT: Adopting Agile in State and Local Governments

Agile emerged initially as a set of values and principles for software development formalized in 2001 with the Agile Manifesto. For two decades, it helped revolutionize software development. Today, Agile approaches have been adapted to government services beyond software development, offering a new way of thinking and delivering in areas such as project management, policymaking, human resources, and procurement. 


Commissioner, Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)
U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
United States

Sonny Hashmi is the commissioner of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS).

In this position, he oversees the delivery of more than $75B of products, services, and solutions that enable federal agencies to efficiently accomplish their missions while saving taxpayer dollars.

Known as a cloud computing thought leader in the emerging technology industry, Sonny previously served as the managing director of global government strategy at Box. There, he worked with federal, state, local and international government organizations on cloud and mobility strategy.

Prior to joining Box, Sonny served as GSA chief information officer (CIO) and chief technology officer (CTO). He led the agency IT modernization strategy as GSA adopted cloud computing, agile acquisition and DevSecOps principles, and helped create a cloud computing and performance measurement roadmap for the federal government.

Sonny Hashmi is active in the federal IT community and has been recognized with several awards including the Fed100, FedScoop 50 and as a finalist for the prestigious Samuel J. Hayman Service to America medal.

He earned a master’s degree in engineering from Purdue University and a master’s certificate in innovation management from the University of Maryland.

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